Trisha Yearwood - Every Girl

℗ 2019 Gwendolyn Records, LLC

Every Girl Tracklist:

Adriana M. Hillstrom

Had no idea she’s almost 60! Make up does wonders with photoshop. She needs to just age. Be 60. Not 30. That's what we do. Just age. It's not a problem.


I hear this song almost every time I’m in my car listening to the radio and I LOVE IT!!! Personally,for me, it’s one of the best country songs I’ve ever heard.I recommend this song to every country girl. BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😆😝😆😝😆😝🤩🤩

Bay City Texas

Trisha’s voice and song choice never fail! She is by far the most underrated female country singer of all time. Hope she continues to sing for many years to come. I will purchase anything she puts out!


Trisha does it again! She has such a pure voice and uses her voice to tell stories like no one else. Love it!


It is SO nice to hear some real traditional country music. I listen to this and feel transported to the days when country music was at its best. I’m sorry I ever forgot how much I liked her music. I didn’t realize how much I missed her.


This girl can sing... LOVE all of her music her AND her Mr. Garth.


I love this album!! It’s fun, loving, inspirational and beautiful. Trisha has the voice of an angel and I just loved every song!! ❤️❤️

Hand Mixer

The matador is a song of lyrical genius Miss Yearwood meets old Madonna and The Tijuana Brass. Those far away horns give me goosebumps.


Great album, great voice. I am not a country fan per se. But, I have always been a fan of this amazing singer. Just stumbled on this album today checking out the top 200 albums on Itunes. So glad I did. Welcome back, Trisha.


I wish we could hear more female vocalists like you who sing real country. your voice is gorgeous. It's epic and big, but still country. Good stuff. great vocal collaborations!


From start to finish, a throwback to classic Trisha with plenty of fresh tracks. Simply one of the best. Hope it’s not a decade before we get more.


Trisha Yearwood has put together another first class album including a few duos with fellow all-stars-- that enhance her god given talent. Obviously I am a fan.... this won't dissappoit!


Trisha Yearwood hasn’t consistently released music the last 20 years, but as a result her voice has stayed in absolute prime form. The album’s highlights include “Bible and a .44” a beautiful duet with Patty Loveless, Gretchen Peters “The Matador”, “Workin On Whiskey” is classic Yearwood with a stellar vocal, and a heart wrenching ballad “When Lonely Calls”. Some songs however are not up to the Trisha Yearwood standard. “Drink Up”, perhaps one of the oddest choices of her career seems like a female version of a Garth Brooks B cut, the Kelly Clarkson track “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” is forgettable to say the list and “Home” “Something Like It” and “Cant Take Back Goodbye” are easy to forget. Not the best album of her career as she’s had some amazing ones, but still better than 100% of what’s coming out of Nashville these days.


Thank you for staying country Trisha. Your voice is beautiful. I could listen to you all day.

Third Eye Boy

Real country. Real Voice. Authenticity like we’ve not heard in years. Thank you Trisha for recording a plain awesome album. I’m moved. I’m stoked. I’m inspired. I’m in awe. God Bless.


So great to have this voice out there again. Worth the wait. Trisha is showing all the new country voices how it’s done. Well done!

Country boy Pearl

I’ve been listening to Trisha Yearwood for a long time all the way back from the 90s and I don’t think this album is up to the albums she recorded in the 90s at her heyday there are no fast songs all the songs are too slow she needs to come out with stuff like she did in the 90s


I love her ballads, the way she sings and interprets a song is seldom heard, this new music is fresh, and yet, still familiar.


Waited a long time for this. Worth it.


I’m so thankful that true country music is being made again. Trisha this album is divine!!

CSM Productions

Trisha has one of the best voices in country music. This whole album is great.

Ash West

So glad she’s back!


Get "Broken" from 'The Passion' set. Nothing here has anywhere near that emotion. After 15 plus years... no great songs on this LP, but instead a platter of tunes that sound like they were chosen by a corporate board. She was a wonderful voice, but this set is entirely forgettable. Not sure what happened, but she sold the pass a while ago.


I was so looking forward to this release, but I was truly disappointed after listening to all the tracks. Trisha Yearwood’s voice is still just as rich and textured as it ever was. Unfortunately, with the exception of the duet with Don Henley, there was not one song that grabbed me by my emotions. Trisha Yearwood is “all dressed up”, but the material left her with “nowhere to go”.


Enough said.


So great to listen to a fabulous female country voice!


Quite possibly the best album of your career! Incredible voice and some incredible song choices! Made my day to hear you and Patty Loveless on Bible and a .44! Wow!!! Release Drink Up as a single! It’s a hit and a fun tune for for you to share with the masses. Much love always! -Justin F Courtney


Such a powerhouse and stayed true to herself. Best album!!!


I absolutely love this new album. Female country music at its best!


Such a crisp, powerful, and beautiful voice. I’ve missed you Trisha and I’m so glad you’re back. This record is phenomenal. Way to go girl!


The Queen is back !!!!


I love what I’ve heard so far. I have missed hearing music from one of the greatest voices ever!


If the magical genie with three wishes ever show up at my door, one of mine will be to sing like Trisha Yearwood. Simply the best.

Cookie is the man!

Like fine wine, Trisha only gets better with age! The perfect blend of power, smoothness, harmony and spirit- Miss Yearwood never disappoints. She masters her craft like few others and brings her traditional sound with new inspiration. Keep em coming Trisha!!!


Soooooo happy Trisha is back with a new album. She has a voice of a generation and I’m so excited she’s back to share it with us again.


I already know this whole album is going to be phenomenal... I cannot wait for August 30th!


Never Disappoints and has one of the most distinctive voices in Country Music. Love me some Trisha Yearwood


I am ecstatic to hear your beautiful voice once again on the radio. Your voice is sounding just as fantastic as ever. 🔥🔥👏🏻👏🏻🙂🙂 🎶 🎸