The Weeknd - After Hours

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After Hours Tracklist:

kate rett

Got this song from roblox the weekends number 1 fan


Good song

Trust and Us



I always loved the weekends music and love this album while some people might disagree all his songs have a deeper meaning that connect to you in a deeper way and if you can’t connect to it then it’s not for you but don’t hate just because you don’t understand that deeper meaning :).


I don’t know why there’s so many negative comments here. I think he’s very talented and I like this album.




best album


Good music is music that elicits feelings and this album delivers!! You can literally feel these songs. Such a vulnerable, emotional, sensual, sexy mix of lyrics and beats. On repeat. Can't get enough!


First of all, let me say one thing: Personally, I love The Weeknd. He works so hard to make music and he dumped his heart and soul into this album, so please don’t hate so much! It’s okay if you don’t like the album, but that doesn’t mean you need to pour hate on The Weeknd and his music. Anyways, I think this album does not fall short of my expectations. One of my favorite albums of all time! Definitely recommend!


Weekend feeling more like the weekday ngl.

Island Hopper78

It’s so refreshing to hear a 80s style album made by one of the best singers of our generation. I love this album and I don’t dislike a single song on it, my least favorite is too late but you can still groove along to how the song plays. Well done Abel and I wouldn’t be surprised if this won album of the year.


This’s cool though


It’s prettttty good... My PE teachers use Blinding Lights for a PE exercise


I just absolutely love it 👌🏽


This album is up there with kissland & trilogy ! True masterpiece and was worth the wait


buy chromatica instead


I don’t get how you people can say this is trash...The whole album and vibe is extremely cinematic. Great concepts. Great songwriting. Unique beats. Awesome album. Abel switches it up for a minute and y’all start hatin. My guy killed it again. The throwback vibe is dope af. Believe that! XO


this is sooo good. every song is unique & beautiful


I'm late,but this album showed his growth. Yes, it's not like trilogy or BBTM, etc. It's After Hours and it was incredible and experimental and I really loved it! ❤️🖤


The synths and production on this album is nuts . There’s r&b rap pop and more the lyrics are dark and his vocals in this album stand out .

topo point dura

The Weeknd does not disappoint with this album. Flawless execution of bringing in new, different sounds without having to sacrifice his clout in the mainstream world. Great piece of artwork from start to finish.


The best album of the year no cap


By far his best album since Trilogy which is refreshing cause he blended that sound with his pop side along with 80’s music so beautifully. U can tell the production feels rich and clean, well done Abel


Wonderful and love the music


The smash single is good but the whole album overall is just not good at all...

just some guy on iTunes

“Hardest to Love” and “Scared to Live” knocked on the door of my heart. Tremendous vulnerability. This guy sings from the heart and is really showing a window into his soul during his journey. So many artists nowadays when they make it big stop experiencing and stop writing about what matters to them. Maybe they numb out and stop feeling. But this guy’s heart is still beating. 🎧😭🍾🥂🙏🙏🙏


Total crap! Not even one song of his on this album I like smh an I always love most of his music on his albums but, not this time around. Not to mention his creepy a** album cover. Smh once I’ve seen that, I knew this album was going to be a “ miss “ smh


It’s not even good it’s yeah trash Not sorry 1/5

Jaden Prusso YT

I’m not that much of an fan of this song, it’s ok, but these guys have been on the charts for about 2 months now, and it’s kind of getting annoying. Can people please stop giving this song attention?

Deeeeeeez Nuuuuuts

I just don’t like the weekend






Blinding lights is amazing




🔥album that puts you in his world present day


Now that the whole album is out, I have to admit that I’m shocked. It’s just so good. I didn’t realize in my first listen, but after I came back to it, I realized how beautiful it truly is. Easily his best project since trilogy. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Update: After many listens, I definitely think this is his best project since trilogy, and I think that it his only 10/10 other than trilogy (and HOB by itself). This album is a masterpiece, including the best production I’ve ever heard on an album, having absolutely no skips, and easily being aoty so far. I can’t say I’m too surprised tho, cuz The Weeknd never disappoints!! Amazing album overall!


1 of my favorite albums The Weeknd has done to date. From first track to last. Don’t have to skip any tracks. Love it.


Best album ive heard in a while


Sia has an amazing new song


:) :) :) :)


This album is so much worse than his old stuff...

Hairline Police

Weeknd could of done way better, feel like less effort happens hear

friendly reviewer 99

If you don’t like this you’re actively choosing to make your life a little sadder, but hey that’s on you.


Let me just start by saying I’m a huge fan of The Weeknd , but I gotta be honest... this album really failed to meet my expectations. I’m only one person so it doesn’t matter , and I’m glad he’s making the music he wants to make. But I found this album to be very slow and boring. The vocal style on a lot of the songs was monotonous and lifeless for me personally , his voice was just way too soft on almost every track... I would say I didn’t care for 70% of the vocals. Like the high pitched voice in the middle of the title track ruined it for me... it’s a shame because every other part was great. And Escape From LA , Snowchild , and Hardest To Love don’t fit on the album at all outside of the mellow vocals. The Weeknd will always be the 🐐 but this album wasn’t worth the 4 year wait at all. I’m lowering my expectations for the next one because having high expectations for After Hours left me disappointed. At least the production on this album is solid though. Kinda shocked at how underwhelming this project is but it is what it is 🤷🏽‍♂️

Junk crap

Not sure why so many bad reviews because I personally love the album


Best songs in the world



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