The Jayhawks - Xoxo

℗ 2020 SHAM marketed and distributed by Thirty Tigers

Xoxo Tracklist:

Sody Pops

A fantastic record brimming with a batch of classics. With expanded vocal duties via Tim O'Reagan and Karen Grotberg, this collection feels like the rebirth of one of our finest bands.

Not that BB

A new direction for the great Jayhawks, this album features songs from all four members and is pretty outstanding. Like tunes from George in the Beatles, the efforts from other than Gary Louris fit in seamlesslessy and add spice and variety without neglecting the wondrous harmonies. Note: if you order a CD thru the Jayhawks' website you get 3 bonus tracks.

Five Minute Music Reviews

The Jayhawks are one of the few bands that have never released an album that is not great to outstanding. And XOXO is no exception. It's different from the others in that all four members contribute to the songwriting and the results are very strong. Tim O'Reagan's songs add some rock muscle while Karen Grotberg's songs add a melancholy Fleetwood Mac vibe. Marc Perlman's songwriting adds mystery to the album. And, of course, lead Jayhawk Gary Louris adds the beautiful melodies for which he's known. Overall, this is an outstanding album. Highly recommended and, in my opinion, their best since their Rainy Day Music album.

Corona Joe

LOVE the Jayhawks but this cd is VERY draggy. Where's the upbeat side of life. Sorry...but this is not their finest work. Great harmonies as usual but little life

Ryan in St. Louis

From the orchestral beauty of This Forgotten Town to the loose, Big Star-snarl of Dogtown Days, XOXO is here to announce that The Jayhawks have never been better. Tim OReagan might be one of the most underrated song-writers going these days. He’s scary-good. We were craving more Karen, and her contributions, like the beautiful gem, Ruby, more than hit the spot. And Gary, is well, Gary. Chugging away with his sick guitar, and cool breeze-tenor, he’s mined more Jayhawks classics like Bitter Pill, Illuminate, and Little Victories. This album is a big victory, a collaborative one that soars.

Gary the baddass

Every song from this album is incredible!!!


Thrilled to hear the new album is on its way. These guys just get better with time. Rare band with both a great history and a promising future.