The Chicks - Gaslighter

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Gaslighter Tracklist:


So in love


Is this music for real? I thought it was a joke.


Music stinks!! I don’t wanna give it one star!


Just like their name, I'd rather listen to popcorn burn in the microwave while you beat your kids in your Alabama trailer than this crap. Can't believe these dudes are even still around after their late 80's political stunt that cost them their career. Do yourself a favor and skip it. -1 Star


Loving the songs that have been released. Can’t wait for the rest of the album. I will always be a fan of these Chicks. 💖


DIXIE CHICKS are back!!!! And better than ever!!!!! Gaslighter is amazing🔥🔥🔥


On fire


I admit it: I think Natalie Maines is one of two of the greatest pop singers in the USA (the other being Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland). With or without the "Dixie"--and I support their dropping it--a new album from the Chicks is a red-letter day in American music.

Poa's mom

What great timing! Listening to this album is like having a reunion with dear old friends. Much needed in these times of physical distancing and political disaster. The harmonies are beautiful and the instrumental depth and variation are refreshing. I have great memories of road trips with the family as we belted out Chicks tunes. Looking forward to new trips with this album!


Too far gone.


What is this pop crap? Song is terrible.


They have lost their way


These ladies were a part of my coming of age years and listening to their earlier music takes me right back to those days. I love that they cross music genres; I really don't care for country music but I love them. Their currently released songs are powerful and strong, right in the line with the times, and I'm sure they'll speak to many. So glad they're back!


I have missed you so much. So happy you have come back to onspyus all again 🎈


Why do they still do this They ruined there Career years ago They need to retire!


Sad that they had to use a political ploy to get recognition. Add this album to the “has beens”.


We have been waiting, waiting, waiting. Have enjoyed the tastes of Natalie’s solo music and Courtyard Hounds <3, and beyond ecstatic to hear The Chicks together again. What a blessing and prayer of renewal and hope during this pandemic. Carry on, lovely artists. Thank you for your poetry, your music, your wild nature that reminds us all to stay true. <3

B H Smith

Terrible music!!!


Super disappointed in the songs thus far. Weak repetitive lyrics. At least their older stuff was good.




Loving the various meanings they wrote into the title song👌🏼Awesome songwriting and music so far and can’t wait for the rest of the album to drop!


Seeing their fire and passion back into music is amazing! Loving everything released so far.


Sound horrible


Why? This should have been done a long time ago if they’re so “woke”. Lol. They had 8 years under the Obama admin and this wasn’t fixed? Hmm....

Stephanie wangler

Dang. Way to go and succumb the societal pressure of political correctness. Super lame move changing your ICONIC band name to appease the sheep herd. No thank you!


Music is terrible their politics is even worse ...jumped the shark years ago


Thank you for your powerful music. It’s so needed at this moment in time.


I’ve been listening on repeat. These songs are so powerful.


For those complaining that it doesn’t sound like their old kidding! Sounds evolve. People evolve. It’s ok to change up their musical style. It’s very different from their old stuff, but it’s BA and still good, just in a different way. I’m here for it. Can’t wait to hear Natalie drag that boy a little more!


Thank you for doing music again🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

the real EVAR

Should have shortened their name to The Dix.

Meggie Jean

Not impressed at all with the new music.


Trash music by trash women. Don’t like the USA... leave


To much political views not enough entertainment. Save your money .




These women make me proud to be from the Deep South. They are honest, passionate, extremely talented, and most of all, unafraid to take a stand for what is right and humane ❤️


A waste of money!!! Where do I get a refund?

TX 007

'nuff said!

Jojo 777

RIP Dixie Chicks. So much pop influence. Where’s the country? I’m disappointed!! Listen to Cowboy Take Me Away, Tonight the Heartaches on me and Easy Silence for old school, original DC. This new stuff is leaving me scratching my head in confusion.



Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo

Gone downhill.

Luv Addict

Hahaha. DIxie Chicks made a remix of this song to trash the president. No reaction and a dud. Now the album released date has been puchednout to December. Hahaha, this song is awful and One can tell it uses a lot of auto tune. And I see the album has an “Explicit” Label. 😂So Gangsta. 🤏🏼


Get lost




The Chicks formerly known as Dixie Chicks! Which taking a wild guess is due to the issues of inequality now but even though the name has changed the music still works!

trace 5!!

Will not listen because of the name change!!! Give me a f—-ing break!!!


I’m just a country kid. I like country music. I didn’t like this.


I find being called the chicks more offensive then dixie chicks. I thought theses were tough women.

Big Texas Jack

Poor music even a name change couldn’t fix.


What the F has happened to this band, this is not country. What’s wrong with them to change their names? That’s totally not even needed or called for. Their music is nothing like their older music which was way better. Saying RIP to get another band changing for the ways of corporate libs. Oh well, off to enjoy my day. Forever goodbye silly Dixie chicks