Sevendust - The Day I Tried to Live

℗ 2020 Rise Records

The Day I Tried to Live - Single Tracklist:

Djent is a retarded term

My favorite band off all time. They have done an Alice Cooper cover, a Notorious BIG cover, a Marvin Gaye cover, and a Twisted Sister cover. They don’t do covers usually because as John Connolly stated, they can never agree on a cover to do ever haha. Elvis Costello who produced their last album All I See Is War and their new one, which has been completed for half a year now, suggested they cover this Soundgarden song. The guys wanted to do a Soundgarden cover period, and Elvis suggested this one. I think partly this is to hold fans over until they start releasing singles from the new album. Sevendust have had this new album done for months, but with the pandemic going on they are stalling on releasing it because you want to be able to tour your new album. I get that, but for us fans we want to be selfish and say now now now haha. Same with Deftones, they’re new record has been mastered and completed for only the last couple of months but are holding off now until September to release new album and we still have yet to get a new single from that upcoming record. Hopefully 7Dust will give us a new single sooner than later but this Soundgarden cover definitely gives us a fix until that time. They did an incredible job making a Soundgarden song sound like a Sevendust song. The part where LJ yells out “should have stayed in bed”!!!!!!! Haha that’s the LJ we all know, nothin better, powerful, soulful hard rock and metal. 🤘🎸🤘


Not many bands could pull this off. LJ kills it. He’s such a great singer. This band just keeps getting better.


Great cover with a Sevendust twist to it. 🤘🏼


Easily one of the best bands still going strong. Any album or cover song they do is pure gold. Good stuff 👍.


The band that saved me as an adult covering the band that saved me as a teenager. Nothing better, everything beautiful, exactly what I needed today!


Great new single!


Another amazing song by LJ and crew. Great Sevendust song with perfect amount of respect for Chris and crew in Soundgarden.


no other band could pull this off way to go Morgan and the boys


Song gave me goosebumps, great tribute to Soundgarden and the late Chris Cornell


Covering Soundgarden takes balls. Sevendust did em justice though. Great job guys!

In\/isible Kid

Classy, Tasteful, Heavy. Welcome back boys!!! Sevendust has arrived!


Such a great cover! Well done guys🤘🏼


This is a great tribute to great band and a great singer from another great band, Sevendust is so under rated and over looked, They have carried that metal flag for a long time. Much respect to them.


Amazing cover Sounds amazing RIP Chris Cornell 💙🙏🏽🥰