Mike Shinoda - Dropped Frames, Vol. 1

℗ 2020 Kenji Kobayashi Productions

Dropped Frames, Vol. 1 Tracklist:


Horrible! I am a huge LP fan and bought this album hoping to see what direction their music has taken since the tragic day of 7/20/2017. However any semi musically talented person could create this music(?) on their iPhone in 4 hours.


Shinoda proves again what kind of GENIUS he is


Hard to believe these songs were made in 2-3 hours each. Kudos Mike Shinoda.


It’s ok. Nothing really special or super creative from him unlike his last project “Post traumatic.” It’s just him pretty much messing around with beats and that’s it.


People leaving bad reviews or being super critical definitley did not tune into Mike's live streams. I loved spending everyday watching and listening to him creating these tracks. They are fun and unique-especially "Booty Down" ha! Gotta love when that track comes up! I really appreciate these tracks and that he made them in only a couple or so hours. Thanks for making this into an album!

Echelon Member D

So good, love watching Mike make these songs on twitch from scratch!


In my opinion, he definitely has the talent to surpass the others in the electronica scene, but I don’t feel like the talent is being put to good use here. The singles are okay, but it’s hard to judge an album by a few singles. I honestly do give him a lot of credit for trying to keep his creativity flowing instead of quickly trying to find a replacement for Chester. For that, I’ll always respect the honor he and his band mates have. If he wants to put his mark on the electronica scene, I would love to see him add more rock flavor to it. But that just my opinion.


Mike is incapable of making a bad song.


Screw this lack of care and quality for the interest of the listener, the track names are a whim of thought and don't inspire listening. It inspires heaving my guts out to see someone like MIKE SHINODA put out trash like this. I just lost nearly all my respect for you as an artist.

Nei ❤

Forever grateful that I got to be a part of this history. Mike is a treasure! ❤️


I love when Mike raps and goes off and so far it’s been a little too pop for me. I wish it was more like the Linkin park of old.


Nothing but pure talent and great music. Nice job Mike.


It’s definitely new, some of the titles are a little questionable, but other than that. This is gonna be dope.


I’m shakin in my boots, twitch is always during my work, im gonna try to take a break during. These are incredible. So proud so stoked


Love your music so much Mike! Please keep going and never stop! 🤩


Great effort from Mike. Very different than the Linkin Park sound but still that echo of his band. Good news that they will try to make another record as Mike is capable of carrying on as lead vocalist, as heard here. Mike sets himself apart here and showcases his talents. I would enjoy being able to hear both “solo Mike” and a version of LP with Mike on vocals!

Landry H

Thank you Mike for never taking an off day! 😊


We watched him make the songs live