Lauren Daigle - Look Up Child

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Lauren Daigle is my favorite Christian singer. The whole album is really good. I can listen on repeat. Really love the songs Still Rolling Stones, Rescue, You Say, Everything, and Love Like This. There is a reason why she is a two time Grammy Award Winner. Can’t wait to hear her next album!


I dont much care for "Christian" music but Still Rolling Stones is a bona fide GREAT song by a GREAT singer. At first I thought it was A-dull, but now I know better. Wow. Just wow. All power to Lauren.


I love your music expressively when I am in trouble or upset or just bored and I start singing and dancing also YOU SAY is my favorite. Love you and thank you for making a difference in my life😀🥰😘😘🥰😗🥰😗🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘😘🥰😗🥰😘🥰😘😘🥰😘🥰😘


Listen I am not one you exactly listens to Jesus music but my parents do and this music is good so I have to say Lauren Daigle brought me to Jesus so ya by her song still Rolling Stones so thanks now I know God and gods real also GODS NOT DEAD BUT SHURLY ALIVE ✅✅✅ 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼




Lauren Daigle is my most favorite female Christian Artist of all time, because I have two of her albums on cd and on iTunes, I’m hoping I’ll get to meet her in person and maybe take a picture with her and make my friends jealous.


If you go see her interviews she says thing like oh I’m in it for the journey and never even brings up god


Best album of all time!!!!!💕


I’ve been blown away by Lauren and this record. Each song is so beautiful! I find myself singing and humming a different song each day, just stuck in my mind on repeat. The lyrics are so heartfelt and really help me focus on what/WHO is most important in this life. 5 stars for sure!

Joey Mclune

“You say”. That’s it! Nothing toward her or her genre of music but seriously, “you say” is the only one I like and worth buying

HartOtex… ;)

....Reality & felt in her singing & feelings by all means which is easily demonstrated & I truly like that...(and as everyone else should...)... With-out hesitation everyone who listens to her should feel the same -or similar-...?! ; ) -BCS...-VFWPI-


I never listened to her before but she sings good




This album wack ion see why it’s been on the charts so long she sound like any other white person that sings worship music and talks about the same thang and I’m white 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️


Awesome voice and amazing spirit!


I love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ the songs are beautiful and I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t like this 😍


I really don’t know why people wouldn’t like this song. I mean she speaks what God really does and is. I love this song and listen to it all the time!!!


She has a good voice, but all of her songs sound exactly the same. One trick pony


I love her songs. They really express a lot of the feelings I have. Sometimes when I’m not feeling close to God, I listen to her songs and it helps me get my feelings out with God. I’m thankful it isn’t your typical “Christian” music. Even though I’m a Christian, sometimes I want to listen to wholesome meaningful music, without some of the other stuff.



His joker

I have grown up in church and I love the old fashioned hymns and have never really felt any of the newer gospel music but Lauren has really outdone herself and seemingly come out of nowhere I love love love this whole album You say my absolute favorite real well done and a great message to be felt!!!

Burping Bug :)

My parents only listen to the christian radio in the car :( but iss okie ig :()

Pepe Memelord

Uh oh, stinky


I like it! ; )


Terrible music


Love love love ❤️


She truly is genuine and you can feel it and her sweetness when she sings.

Frugal Bob

Sweet. Strong. Real. Thank you.


I was listening to a Pandora channel one night. Every time I thought “I like this song!” It was her. Bought the album and absolutely love it. This is not a “religious “ album. I would call it spiritually inspiring. One of he songs is titled “Losing My Religion “ which is a great message to all that being in touch with God, the Source, higher self, whatever you want to call it, has no rules or limitations. And we are loved unconditionally. If you want to feel great for about an hour, buy this album.


It’s unfortunate she sound to much like Adele.


Terrible church music


One thing I love about her songs is that they aren't super repetitive. A lot of Christian songs just keep same words over and over again and it does not feel like music. Her songs are just Uplifting, spirtiual, and enjoyable. Well-written and sung even better. These songs are true Christian songs. They say exactly what the church wants us to know, about God, and ourselves. Stop hating, please.


Love this album! Her sound is amazing!

Maggie 1201

Really good music. But so hard to tell the voice with other singer (you know who). Not only the voice, sometime I even know there would have a piano in next second or how long this word she would sing before I heard this. This feeling makes me so confused. But I still think this is GOOD, and talented. Hope have more personality.


I’m not religious at all, but love her voice and her music is beautiful, I just relate to the lyrics differently, I associate it with people in my life not God.


We love her


Don’t like Her Songs


her music is amazing and so good. it's different but not in a bad way. i love listening to her pour out her emotions and just give it all to God like you're supposed to. iconic. God really blessed her <3


Fake Christian music by a fake Christian. Go support Matthew West instead.


These beautiful songs have gotten me through depression. Lauren Daigle has a talent! Her voice is AMAZING and her words are POWERFUL!!💕

RT review

Are we pretending like this isn't a straight up Adele rip off?


Check out here review where she chooses fame over God.


Amazing voice! Very inspirational! Please listen to the words she’s singing and let God judge her personal life. Fish in your own pond!💕


Great singer , great messages in her songs. Love 'You Say", & "Rescue" is my fav!

Gospel Girl❤️💜

I love her so much she gets me through the toughest times.❤️


This album is soooo amazing👏🏼 and her lyrics are so true and uplifting! When I’m having a tough day her music gets me through