Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue

℗ 2019 Pure Noise Records

A Different Shade of Blue Tracklist:


Best hardcore/metalcore band in the scene right now. Laugh Tracks was awesome but this blows it out of the water.


Amazing band, lyrics, and they put on A SHOW live.


I didn’t think it got any more brutal than Jesus Piece. Jesus Christ!


This band hits like a wrecking ball. Super low tune, mid tempo hardcore. Kinda sounds east coast style with the vocal delivery and breakdowns. Love the guitar drops throughout the album. The bass alone causes earthquakes!! More and more I listen to these guys I’m becoming that much a fan. Hope they keep it up! They need to tour with Emmure!!

Cynical College Kid

Knocked Loose killed it, love these guys


I can’t feel my face.


Yeah this album and the band in general are a little one dimensional, but the sound they have and the amount of heart and energy they have is so intoxicating. I love these guys and I love this album. A solid follow up to very good debut. Thank you guys for giving me some new music to break stuff to. 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼


I haven’t heard an album like this in over a decade.


This is what metal core is supposed to sound like. Love it


This is a phenomenal, an incredible, overall very tasteful piece of work. Listen to it.


Works either way. I wrote a review about getting better but I still feel like IM DYING.


Y’all need to hear this RIGHT now. KL is taking over.

Ash the Pizza Queen

this album feels like you are being dragged across the pavement face first 10/10 amazing


fave album now


Still early but this might an album of the year candidate. Such a great sound. If All Out War + Terror + Cannibal Corpse sounds like a great combo, get on this record 🤘🏻

Tonight We Fight

Holy crap

Chastin Keene

A M A Z I N G!!!!!


The best album released on this day. Sorry t swift, i cannot lie.


But they didn’t give Red Wine Stains (one of their strongest songs) a spot on the album or on the EP. 4 outta 5 for keeping it real with the other tracks and keeping it creatively heavy


Amazing sophomore album


A real meat cleaver

HC Killa

This record is better than Abbey Road. Fight me.




Knocked Loose has really changed today’s hardcore scene and this album is no let down! A great sense of maturity in their song writing and crazy heavy riffs that’ll make you wanna mosh for hours!


This killed me. I am now a ghost.


Finally a new album. One of the best in the hardcore scene. What a great album.


One of the best albums ive ever heard. Absolute banger.


And it felt like this

Gavin Larson

Everything had the same mood as the last album, the mixing, chugs, tempo, screams before the breakdowns, pinch harmonics, feedback screeches, and even the long drawn out drum fills, some of which were also the same as the last album. I love you guys but this album just feels like a part 2 for the last album. We want a slightly different sound, not songs we feel like we have already heard. The only thing that is different with this album is the title of the album, songs, 2 guest vocalists, and a different release date.


absolute bangerang


This album is insanely good. Worth the wait.

Kurt Lunsford

My body is ready (hopefully).


My house is on fire.


i didnt think it was possible for knocked loose to get any better but oh boy they absolutely did.


This record is shaping up to be the best metal record of the year. This is a huge step up from their previous music. I wouldn’t hesitate on buying this record.

Huntersaurus Rex

the hype is real


I want to be thrown into the middle of the mosh head first jamming out to this filthy mess (that would be a complement)😜


They could put anything out and it will still slap


This album will smash. Nose bleed guaranteed.


My meat is ready


I’m just gonna preorder


Will already be one of the top releases of the year - calling it. Hearing "...And Still I Wander South" gave me a huge chubby.