Harry Styles - Fine Line

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harry is so talented every single song he has come out with blows me away


Not a single skip - the way he takes us on a journey through the highs and the lows of a relationship and coming out the other side hopeful is just art. The song writing is nuanced, production *chef’s kiss” and the band is amazing! I already pay to stream on a different service and I bough the album anyway - it’s so good I wanted to actually buy it and support the artist.


go off king, love you. ❤️❤️

logan dailey

every single song is a bop




Keep making great music Harry!


This album is the goat.


The Best


Here’s the songs you should listen to in this album: adore you, watermelon sugar, and lights up (you can get them free on YouTube)


Title says it all smh


To all the people that wrote a bad review you are a mother f#[email protected]%


Talented 👍, style-ish 😉, Cool 😎, writes ✍️terrific music 🎶, and a great soulful voice. 🎤 Harry was born in another era. An era that had exceptional taste and good music. He’s definitely an old soul. This is your masterpiece Harry, Bravo 👏 It will surely be nominated for album of the year at Grammys 2021 for sure 🍾🥂🌈 WATERMELON SUGAR HIGH 🍉 LIGHTS UP💡


Mr. Styles knows how to make you shake. Both dancing to this album and because he gets you horny. This album is so well done and sounds like it belongs in a past life, but also has current vibes. I’d like to say that I only envision Harry Styles making an album like this, he’s very unique with his sound. You get Fleetwood Mac vibes but Harry Styles is definitely a unique sound and you know when it’s his album. He’s smooth like butter when he sings, and his vocals make me quiver. Fine line is so beautiful and packed with so much love and meaning, you know it’s Harry Styles signature. Love you Harry this album is amazing.

Kimmy Nina

To be completely honest I never really liked one direction! 🤭🤷🏻‍♀️ sorry not sorry! But I'm so glad the band broke up because I would of never realized how amazing Harry styles is! He is so much better as a solo Artis like come on! This album is pure perfection! I mean have you heard adore you!!? ❤️❤️❤️ a 10/10 from me! *Chefs kiss*💋


Love all the songs❤️❤️


I’ve been playing this album on repeat for months and months, there isn’t a single song I don’t like! Brings you on a rollercoaster of different emotions. Favorite album of Harry so far!


I loved this and Harry he is so talented and I am so proud that he found himself 🥰💗

Harry Styles Lover!!!!!!!!!!!

This album has it all! Some rock from kiwi 🥝, some pop from watermelon sugar 🍉, a funky groovy song from sunflower vol 6 🌻, a fun song from adore you 😍. And so much more in this album!!! The only thing that I don’t like is I wish sweet creature and sign of the times were in this album because then it would have been the perfect album. Harry Styles is the best music writer/singer, and I hope he continues to come out with albums like this one!!! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do!!!




Deserves to win all the Grammys


I literally can’t get over the fact of how much of an amazing and talented artist he is. Stan Harry Styles for clear skin 😌✨


We thought HS1 was amazing this is just wow. It’s the best album of the year you can fight me on that. Every song is so powerful and meaningful. If you like watermelon sugar and adore you, and haven’t heard the full album yet BUY IT. Your life will be changed forever through this work of art.

jones the bones

This ain’t good enough for me

jfvddeud fibieyvjfkw

I love it so much 👍🏻👍🏻


I can’t even think of an explication as to why this is album is so so good. What it means to me or any individual that is truly in love with the album is so different and truly amazing. Do you know who you are? No, but i’ll figure it out... But their is a fine line between so many things. This album is GOLD. This album is SWEET. this album is LOVE. This album is RADIANT. This album is ART. This album is for GRIEVING. This album is PERSONAL. This album is EMPOWERING. This album is FUN. This album is CREATIVE. This album is KIND. This album is FINE as heck!!!! For 46min and 43 seconds. It’s everything and more. Love you Harry:)


It’s great and l love it! I’ve heard a song in this album before so that’s why when l saw this album l heard a song that sounded familiar and now l really like it! By the way, Gigi Cullen like this album too but she talks like she is cussing.



Carlos Maggard

He explores didn’t style of expression very impressed with this young artist. Highly recommend


I love you Music Harry styles Even my family members love your music I wish I can meet you today I live in maldives Harry Love you harry❤👍 Stay home🏠 Stay safe👐from the covid 19 virus 😷👍


I love Harry soooo muchhh

sub to the dolan twins 🤩

album is beautiful. i love it. i still miss one direction :)

splash qeen

I been listening to you and one direction since I was 3 and I adore you I can’t stop listening to your songs like I love you your my favorite you mean world to me and your a pice of art☺️🤍


Boring album



madison penn:)

beautiful.. wonderful.. never been done before.... good for the soul... will bless your ears... will make u shed a few tears... sang by an angel

Scout said143 to ------😘

I gotta say I am not surprised. He is incredibly talented, and u can tell he really sings from the heart. I love you so much! Plz keep doing great things, u have inspired me and so many others!♥️


Harry styles is one of the best singers, is insanely attractive, is so freakin sweet, so loving and accepting, and has THE BEST style on the planet. This album is so cute and i can NOT wait until he releases more music!!


This is amazing just like the man who wrote it❤️❤️


he heals the soul with this beautiful album

Amelia Bloomfield

It’s a crime that each song is only $1.29 I would pay $9.99 for each song tbh but I love this album and am so proud of haz

heyyyy bud

i love this boy so much already but this album has got me obsessed i never stop playing it lol i love to see his true self (even though i love one direction) and i love how he experiments with different sounds and is so creative:) amazing job harry:)


I absolutely love this album, this came to no surprise because his last album was FIRE too. he is a must listen. i get it, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s slower, more calming and a lot more chill. but I love vibing out to this album. Harry, if u see this ily, keep making amazing music, and if you haven’t already, buy this album bcz it’s under-rated glory is bound to reach THE STARS 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩


Please dude watermelon sugar is way overrated but adore you is goos


love this so much🥺🥰❤️😘😫


I love this album it’s beautiful and truly a game changer in the music industry step it up artists here comes Harry styles


what a legend


It’s amazing


the best album anyone could ever listen to, prove me wrong. i dare you. that’s what i thought.



is you for real

Zayn outsold

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