Four Year Strong - Brain Pain

℗ 2020 Pure Noise Records

Brain Pain Tracklist:


Amazing. I hope these guys make music forever. Rivals Enemy of the World and that’s saying a lot.


I don’t understand how/why med companies, the FDA, CDC, and White House have not advised people yet to buy or stream this album, crank it to 11 and listen at least once a day for 3 days, and then keep listening as needed to prevent further illness... I’m so confused. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤔

Josh P26

This album is a straight bomb. Absolutely love it.


Great work by a band who ups the ante instead of simply turning synth-pop like so many of their "peers" have over recent years in the name of "growth". From front to back, maybe the best of the FYS catalog. Bravo, Boys...


This is easily their best... I’m not joking. THEIR BEST


I still remembering see them at a Starting Line concert in Seattle back during their first album.


So glad they’re back

billy in south korea

This album is so awesome and fantastic!!!


First listen n iTunes. Great crunchy guitar, heavy riffs and light positive lyrics and a drummer that you don’t have to get a doctoral degree to follow. Sounds greets, m try only regret is I didn’t discover these guys earlier.


It would seem the beardcore boys relentlessly and flawlessly deliver righteous chords and riffs, and it shines a brilliant color in this album. "It's Cool" and "Young at Heart" are currently my favorites, and if you've been following these guys since their beginning, I can promise you this album will tug at the heartstrings.


What an amazing album! FYS is maturing as a band but still keeping true to their roots. 10/10


This is the kind of album you can put on repeat all day.

Brandt Elrod

Brain Pain is full of tasty riffs that hook you in while great lyrics, harmonies, and a fantastic rhythm section keep you completely satisfied through each second. Do yourself a favor and satisfy your ears with this Everlasting Gobstopper of a record.


The way a band develops in her it’s lifespan determines if they are a band worthy of praise. Four Year Strong has, with Brain Pain, become one of these bands. As expected, the riffs conjured by Alan, Dan and company come with a potency that could only be matched by the lyricism that the two have conjured on this album. I could say a lot about Brain Pain, but what I can’t say is that I, along with pretty much anyone else in this world, could do better than Four Year Strong in putting together the alternative rock/pop punk/easy core record of the decade.


Yep great


Been a listener since Rise or Die Trying, and I’m having some trouble with this album. Because I think it might be better than the album that got me into them. This album is both deep and fun. Bangers throughout. Intriguing lyrics. Just a fun time man. A work of art and definitely worth the almost 5 year old wait! P.S. - I grew a beard because of y’all so thanks for that too

José Benefiel

This album may be better than Enemy of the World. That’s high freakin praise dude. I have been waiting for an album like this from them for so many years. They have finally delivered.


This four year strong record is better than the entire Star Wars sequel trilogy.


Once again FYS delivers


I’m going to be listening to this for a long time and then some.


Tomorrow can’t come soon enough! Dug all 3 songs so far. Shaping up to be a great album!


That good post hardcore power pop that only FYS can do right. Give me those gang vocals, tasty riffs, chunky breakdowns and catchy melodies all day.


FYS will alwYs be my favorite band ever and I already know this album is gonna rip. Just listening to Brain Pain is classic FYS. Perfect blend of heavy riffs along with catchy melodic aggressive clean vocals and screaming thrown in the perfect spots. The instrumentation of the guitars bass and drums always in unison, all that is just the perfect recipe for a band. I love pop punk but not the softer commercial pop punk, this is the pop punk I have always been into and nobody does it better than these guys.

Nick's Name friggin happy this makes me. These guys have found the perfect spot between core, punk, and a dab of pop-rock. A glorious triad of sound.

Tonight We Fight

The gods of riffs are back and I’m happy