EXO-SC - 1 Billion Views - The 1st Album

℗ 2020 SM Entertainment

1 Billion Views - The 1st Album Tracklist:

Jess Renee

Since I first delved into EXO, Chnayeol and Sehun have been my double bias. I love them and I love the music they make together. It’s so... relaxing. Like they had fun making it and it sort gives us an idea of who they are at the same time. Love this album!


I am so glad a discovered EXO earlier this year. I love all of their music and the sub-units are a bonus. EXO-SC is my favorite sub-unit!! I am so proud of Sehun and Chanyeol and I can’t wait for their future work! EXO FOREVER!!!


KINGS...great subunit 💙💜


Bought the last album and now this album is a must!


<3 C


I absolutely love this album and each of the tracks. My absolute favorites are One Billion Views, Telephone, and On Me. All of the tracks are amazing and the vocals/rap are amazing. Also I can’t get over Sehun’s singing in Telephone, so angelic. This was worth the semi-short wait and all the hard work they put into it is amazing and I hope that it flies high as long as possible and keeps it’s reign. I’m a multi-stan, been listening to K-pop since 2009 in about March with Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, turning four later that year. I’ve been an EXO-L since 2012 as well (the original point to the K-pop story) and I’ll continue to be one because EXO and ALL of the members, including the former ones who are no longer with the group, and Lay who is inactive, are all deserving of support. We are one. We are EXO. (Not me obvi but the point is there 🙂)

Basil Noodles

I loveeeee this album a lot! Pretty much every single track. 1 billions views has retro, draft punk. Telephone, etc is 🔥🔥🔥 I have been wait and still waiting for Chanyeol album. How long do I, we need to waiting for SM.


they’re back

123i love ME

Im so sad that EXO as a whole won’t be promoting this year bc of enlistments but I am so happy to get another EXO-SC comeback. They always know when to feed EXO-Ls bc 2020 is rough enough as it is. Just thank you EXO for always being there for me. I literally would not be here with out you guys. STAY STRONG AND STREAM EXO-SC!!!


They are awesome. 🎶🖤🎶🖤


Truly a good album - Not to mention that these two worked on it by themselves! I’m loving it.


Worth listening

Stream 1 billion views

Such a good album All the songs are good and I can’t stop listening!


I love it!!!💚💚💚👏🏼👏🏼


Wow! Chanyeol and Sehun totally outdid themselves along with all the other featured artists and producers on this album. Every song is a masterpiece! I especially appreciate the beautiful nostalgic feeling and message coming from “Fly Away”. Keep it up guys! I know you’ll soar even higher in the future. We EXO-Ls will always support you and your great artistic and musical talents!




스펙타큘라 하고 판타스틱 하고 어메이징 하게 언빌리버블 하게




Finally got to release a full album and I love it! The vibe is totally them❤️

[email protected] exol

🔥🔥🔥🔥 awesome

blissful jonas

They definitely have their style! This sub-unit has always had me summer ready. Their sound is so consistent, but each song still stands out on their own.


Such a good sub-unit!


No skip album is immaculate ♥️


The best album so far I like it it’s so refreshing


EXO-SC never fails to provide us with summer bops! Almost everything is self-produced, so please give it a lot of support! :)


All songs are so good and their voices are so smooth despite being rappers 🥺🖤


EXO never disappoints but wow, did Sehun and Chanyeol outdo themselves this time around. What A Life was such a good mini album but 1 Billion Views quickly stoke the show and became my favorite EXO subunit project!! I love every song! AMAZING WORK!

EXO-L Aeri

Great songs and feel happy

Yoon Shwe Yee Mon

It’s amazing! Young,Rich and Fresh vibes!!!! So cool!!!!!

ceci marie

so proud of chanyeol, sehun & everyone who participated in the creation of this album!! it’s absolutely amazing and i expected nothing less. forever proud of how far chanyeol & sehun have come. you boys did great, so so so talented !!


Nah man


Love the vibe of the album ❤️


The album is so lighthearted and cheerful! Everyone featured on this album complimented Sehun and Chanyeol’s voices. I think Nothin is my favorite song so far.


1BillionView is an amazing album , great job Sehun & Chanyeol 🔥👑👑


It’s not often I buy a whole album, but I like every song on this one. Each song has a unique sound and I was instantly hooked!


such a good album and very unique 💗


The best album💓💓


I love it best summer comeback


This is a great album for EXO-SC! They always provide us with a great summer hits album. Thank you Chanyeol and Sehun!


I like all songs🥰


Fighting Chanyeol and Sehun 👍 I fall in love with this melody 🥰 let’s go together to get infinity Billions 🤍💖


So proud of you guys 💎🎉

R Alh

Good job 💗💗


I give the album 1 billion star not just five


EXO-SC are a genius duo.




I really loved it🤍


they did it again . amazing show stopping . fantastic. i can see their growth from the last album also great features of artists in this album and its such a great mix of different sounds but its still them.


Album is sooooo so so good! Really speaks! Even if you don’t like Kpop , this album will change you! Stream

Valerie mnfz9034567928:!.

Who be doing it like them?? No one but stream the album 😌☺️