Chris Bandi - Chris Bandi

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Chris Bandi Tracklist:


Chris Bandi sounds so much better than any fake Country accent comment made below! This album is so long overdue and was beyond excited to see it! My son even enjoys his music and thinks his songs have a lot of meaning behind them. I get goosebumps every time I hear him sing! He was just a boy not long ago! Congrats Chris!! You make everyone want to hear more! Don’t stop now!!! Your Grandpa would want to hear he inspired ever bit of Country in you! You are man enough now to take this album to #1!!! Anyone who doesn’t give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ just doesn’t know good music!!


Y’all gonna be at his concerts waving your phone back and forth vibing to his music drinking coors light and bud light enjoy


All of these songs are well written. Well worth the money and is something you will listen to over and over. Hope to hear more from him in the future.


There are multiple top 10 country hits here—Track 3 is a smash.


I love Chris' voice. "Would Have Loved Her" is a beautiful song. "Dirt On Me" as well.


Another trash album labeled country

Majid Abhari

What can i say man!! I’m just speechless about “ Would Have Loved Her “. Emotional lyrics, amazing music and fantastic voice. 👏🏻👏🏻


The kids at the court are calling you and Sam Hunt needs a back up singer for his next pop album. Yup another country wanna be. So wrong !


Such an amazing writer and singer!!! Love the whole album!!


Super excited for this to come out! Sounds great.


I like his voice is awesome, I love the ballad in the album, Looks good so far

whyareall thenicknamestaken

This EP has been long overdo. Chris is such a genuine, nice guy and I’m so glad his team finally saw the missed opportunity with Man Enough Now and decided to rerelease it. He’s the artist that I hope in five years I can say I saw him play dive bars years ago to a crowd who was only there because it was their Saturday night routine and he was just the background music. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes you!


I don’t hear country music. I hear a vapid pop song sung by a guy with a slight southern accent.


This is getting ridiculous. Singing with a forced slightly-twangy affect to your voice over rap/r&b beats IS NOT COUNTRY MUSIC. Country music has more to do with the instrumentation and the stories told in the songs than the tinge of southern drawl in a singers voice. Leave meaningless, hollow songs with catchy rhythms to the other genres and quit pushing this garbage.