Cavetown - Sleepyhead

℗ 2020 Cave Music Limited, under exclusive license to Sire Records

Sleepyhead Tracklist:

Emily 72020

His songs are so amazing and all his songs are beautiful. The lyrics to all his songs are so beautiful and his voice is perfect. ❤️💕


The only pop music album that I like. The lyrics are incredible and his voice is awesome


This album is amazing... it talks about our world today with transparency, the pain and challenges we face, the hurt we go through, and most importantly the truth we want to know but don’t know what to do with the knowledge. The album talks about the realness of our day today... and I find it funny that one human on our planet can create such a inspirational masterpiece. But as most Cavetown listeners know, Robbie is capable of creating anything! P.S- Sorry for the long note 😅 Written by, Another ordinary human💙

Aryana M.

Robbie never ceases to amaze. Can’t wait to see what his music will be like in the future if his music right now is fantastic.


I’ve been listening to cavetown for a long time now and this album represents everything I love about cavetown. It’s perfect.


I’m not very passionate about song artist, but he caught my attention. I love his music so much


Just yes

adriann k

this dude has the ability to put impossible feelings into words so that when you listen, it’s like you got teleported into that very moment he was singing about. each song paints a full body/brain experience that either makes you relive an moment that you’ve already had, or makes you feel a new one. the stories are so beautifully told, and there’s so much delicate but raw emotion oozing out of each one. robbie is such a beautiful being, and i think he is probably a fallen angel who’s just blessing people with his incredible talent while simultaneously helping them through the hardest parts of their lives by sharing his own story through these masterpieces. there’s a song for everyone on this album. the last few years has been the hardest for me personally, and trying, snail, and telescope are pushing me through. thank u robbie, we don’t deserve u


This is an incredible alternative album with subtle rock influences. This album was definitely a highlight of Cavetown’s career. There are some very beautiful moments especially on the closer “Empty Bed.” If you have a furry friend this is sure to bring you to tears. What a great album that is definitely worth the listen!!

Ocean the Potato

Great album, I mean ofc it’s great whatdya expect


his music literally makes me cry every. single. time.

george washington the 1st

I pre-ordered all the songs and when I look at the album it says all the stuff is purchased, but it’s not purchased , I love the music but I need help




Is it better then lemonboy? possibly. Is it going to be playing in my room for the next three weeks? yes

Just an artistic person

He is relaxing but catchy, and his you tube is aweosme


aaaaaa i’m so excited

a huge fan!!!!

I have only discovered Cavetown a few months ago and I’m so glad I did.


I’m writing this at a time where there’s only like three or four songs out but I’m SO FREAKIN EXCITED for the rest I love all of his songs and can’t wait for more 🥵😁🥰


truly fantastic as all of robbies music is ❤️

Brooklyn Sangster

i have only heard 4 songs so far, but it’s Robbie, so i already know that this album is absolutely gorgeous. Cavetown always delivers such meaningful lyrics, perfect melodies, and powerful vocals that i cannot help but fall in love with. his songs make me feel anything and everything possible, and they provide such insight on humanity, mental illnesses, the loss of those you love, and anything and everything between. normally, when you listen to an artist, there are a few songs you do not like, but i cannot think of a single song from Robbie that i remotely dislike. i know this album is going to be beautifully done, just like every other, and i absolutely cannot wait you get blown away like usual.


y e s t h a n k y o u