Andrew Lloyd Webber & Cast Of The Motion Picture

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Cats: Highlights From the Motion Picture Soundtrack Tracklist:


What happened to Mr.Misto’s song?! Same thing for Tugger makes me so sad 🥺


I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!😻😻😍😍😘😘😭😭💋💋


If I wanted a stupid "karaoke" version of Cats, I'd invite friends over! And of course, they had to resort to adding "Taylor Swift," therefore losing all credibility!


Ok so I knew she was going to be in this movie so I’m like hey! Theirs a sound track! I only bought two songs and that’s the songs Taylor sings.Good job everybody else but love ya Taylor! ♡︎


Very entertaining

Dude. no

She made it good and might have saved the movie. I love this. James cordon thank you. All of you. I loved the original play. Beautiful ghosts is beautiful. I am crying. You got me. Wow I’m gonna go cry now this was a beautiful experience thank you.

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I am an ALW fan, so I loved the movie and the soundtrack!

Ultimate Mom Prime

Great music! I don’t know why the movie was so poorly reviewed. I didn’t think it was bad. We loved the music and the dancing. It might have seemed a little weird but if you know that going in, just sit back and enjoy the music. If you want a little background before listening to the Musical “Cats”: Andrew Lloyd Webber was inspired to write this musical based on the poet, T. S. Eliot’s children’s book, “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats,” which is wonderful to read and will tell you all you need to know about Jellicle Cats, Mr. Mistoffelees, Old Deuteronomy, Macavity and more characters before listening to the music.. 🐱.. purrfect!!


I listen to the entire album at least once a day!


Amazing soundtrack. As a fan of both the theatre production and the movie, some of these songs (in my opinion) are even better! Gus’ song is heartbreaking and by far my favorite.


Avoid like the plague.


i think that the vocolization is smooth and calm. It would be nice to listen to when you are trying to not be stressed.


i want the first song as my ringtone so bad as to wake up to the pain of existence and to question why i made it my alarm, then to laugh at myself because it’s so horrible it’s hilarious



naim cherchour

There’s taylor Swift

Sleep Terror

This is the best comedy album in DECADES. The Taylor Swift song is particularly awful/funny to listen to. No surprise there.


I like the original musical so that means I really like this cast recording & the new movie. Too many opinions comming from people who have never seen Cats or are letting the movie critics dicidate what they watch - which is sad. Make up your own opinion & don't be a follower! :)




This is so horrible but good? A drug induced coma nightmare of a musical and the cats will give you nightmares and yes this is including TS. Everyone was so creepy I could puke a hair ball and eat cockroaches right now.

Surliest Wombat

JHud Did it again! The music itself is very well crafted. The arrangements, the singers, all of them! As for me, Memory by Jennifer Hudson here is the one of the best song in this album! Good Job! 👏😍 And for other people who say that the movie is terrible, then I think that you all are so naive that you can not seek the core element of this film. 😆


Super catchy!! I’m obsessed


Love this song and Taylor sounds beautiful!! But.... I keep hearing Little Mermaids Part of your World which I love as well!!!


I have seen the theatre production many times but for some reason I prefer the movie as it has more emotion and power and actually seems to have a plot.


Colossal fail. Cough up another hariball.

c l a y t o n

I saw the movie and it had my heart❤️ amazing music

lil gucci boi 420

The movie is terrifying and whenever I hear these songs it’s like a Vietnam flashback to when I saw the movie


Beautiful, catchy songs for a terrifying film.


Need I say more


A great rendition of the original album and Jennifer Hudson’s “Memory” is so captivating and moving that it had me crying.


If you see the movie the music becomes ruined. This is disgusting and an insult to the music and movie industry.

The two Bs



Terrible singer. Terrible actor. I don’t understand the appeal...


I felt the song was still amazing, but they kinda put a little bit of a different meaning to it .


Nothing like the original soundtrack for CATS. Seen CATS in Broadway 5 times and could never get enough. The soundtrack to the original was the best and this version is nowhere near it.


Almost as bad as a star is born - almost.

Scarlet Velvet

UGH! First they made the movie, which is a travesty for those who love the magic of the Broadway musical. Then they made this pile of steaming garbage. Everything about this is depressing. They took away the passion and joy and tried to turn this into a pop record.

kaylee rabourn

queen!! snapped!!


Some of these songs are great, but a couple things. First, why did you mess up Mungojerrie and Rumplteazer (which was my favorite song from the show). Second, where are the rest of the songs?? They left out some of the best songs in the show. I really hope they release a full album because a highlights album for CATS is stupid. Thirdly, it’s like they removed Demeter from the soundtrack altogether and made Macavity a solo for Bombalurina are you kidding me?? It’s just as much Demeter’s song and just because Demeter isn’t played by a celebrity she gets her songs cut?? Unacceptable.


She slayed again!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

😛Carter Richardson😛

Beautiful ghosts is just amazing, some others are pretty good but overall meh....


So so bad!



david koss

Love the soundtrack more then I thought I would it is amazing and such great artists


Taylor is soundless and soulless. It’s Cats, not Snakes.


I adored this soundtrack. So much emotion is put into the songs.


While Cats wasn’t the greatest of musicals, it had an incredible score and songs. The problem here is they followed the new Disney model of changing everything for younger audiences. The music is poorly done and lacks emotions or anything that would make you want to play again. I’m sure it will do very well with younger audiences and those who have never seen the Broadway production.


Amazing, Awesome Songs

Music Album of Andrew Lloyd Webber & Cast Of The Motion Picture "Cats":